Pure Essentials Oils For Sale In Canada from Mudfarm Organix Botanicals

arnicaPure and Natural with USDA Essential Oils available for sale in Canada. Our oils are trusted and never diluted in any way. Our trusted suppliers have been in business for over 50  years. Essential Oils has a variety of uses and is very popular in helping you to go chemical free when making your own skin care and wellness products.

Get the best quality Essentials Oils online from Mudfarm Organix Botanicals today and see the difference that pure essential oils can do for your products. Use essential oils daily to infuse and bring positive feelings to your environment.


Tea tree

melaleuca-alternifolia-tea-tree-leafTea Tree essential oil is one of our most popular oil. If you have ever experienced the powerful and antiseptic scent of tea tree oil, then you probably won’t find it hard to believe that tea tree oil contains some serious antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. I regularly use tea tree oil to fade away any acne flare-ups before they get nasty. Usually I take a cotton swab, dip it into a jar of tea tree essential oil and dab it on my breakout. Don’t do this if you have extremely sensitive skin. Also keep in mind that tea tree oil can dry out your skin—fast. If you haven’t used it before, I’d recommend diluting the tea tree oil with another oil, like jojoba, before applying.


a bunch of lavender flowers on a white background

Lavender essential oil is our second most popular oil. If you need a more soothing essential oil for fighting acne, lavender is the oil for you.Lavender essential oil can help calm skin and reduce blemishes at the same time. Lavender oil can be used to help give you a wake up in the morning without the need for caffeine by simply infusing it into your home or office. Incorporate lavender into your everyday beauty regimen to prevent breakouts before they happen. One option is to choose a face wash or moisturizer with lavender essential oil as an ingredient. Or, make your own moisturizer by combining jojoba, almond or grape-seed oil with lavender essential oil. (A blend of natural oils also works well to remove make-up!)


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